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Difference between a blender and a mixer

Many customers get confused between a hand blender and a mixer. Sometimes the buyers’ complaint about their input on a blender and ending up getting results on a mixer. But there are difference between a blender and a mixer. A blender is called a liquidizer.Basically a blender turns the ingredients into the liquid. It is used for making soup or shakes.
But a mixer basically mixes or combines all the ingredients. It sometimes chops the ingredients or makes lumps. It is used for making baby foods, gravies, whisking eggs and so on. A mixer isn’t used for making soups. To avoid the confusion between mixer and Top Blender  the customers should have a clear idea of both of them. That is how they can avoid the harassment of getting wrong products

Top Blender of 2019:

1. Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender:
-price: £72
-turbo molded
-motor: 700w
2. Kenwood KMix Hand Blender HB891:
-price: £82
– Motor: 700
– speed settings :5

3. Philips Viva Collection HR1617:
-motor : 650
-speed settings : 16
-chopper accessories : XL
-price: £50
4. Morphy Rechards Accents 402010Hand Blender:
-speed settings: 8
-motor : 600
– price : £7

5. Tefal Slimforce
-motor : 700w
-beakers: 800 ml nd 500ml
-price : £59.99

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A hand blender is a very useful as well as an easily affordable electric gadget. In this busy life of modern times, it is an impactful invention. People are being benefitted immensely through a hand blender. Busy or working mothers can carry it in their bags and can make baby foods anywhere. It saves our valuable time as it works very smoothly. It is very comfortable to use that of the heavy traditional blenders. It is easy to maintain. One can easily clean it. Bachelors or single people who make foods in short proportions can be very useful using it. Again, it is far cheaper than traditional blenders. So using a hand blender can be proved as a smart decision.

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