pressure cooking

Pressure Cooking: The perfect solution to a messy kitchen

Pressure Cooking:

When it comes to cooking, food lovers or cook like we are a bit choosy as well as cautious. We all take some extra care of each and every item, whether it is properly cooked or not. Earlier, it was quite difficult to prepare food of several choices. As the oven, which was used to prepare food wasn’t multifunctional so preparing food having several layers or variety wasn’t easy. Then the revolution happened in kitchen electronics and the tension is gone. It has changed the lifestyle of people in a broader way. People started experimenting foods with those electronics. People started using and they wholeheartedly accepted this new era of change in cooking. Among them, Pressure Cooking which is done by pressure cooker was the most popular. People hugely accepted it and the sale of this product was so large in number that the brand became the common name in every house. This electronics is famous for making food in a very short time. It lessens the hard work of the cook, it makes less exhausted, food is properly cooked and delicious. People started making new dishes and also started experimenting foods. New dishes are invented which come out best only in this electronics.

Tiny Facts
As time has changed, you may ask questions what was so special in this specific process of cooking. Well, you will be surprised as there are quite a lot special facts of this certain method of cooking. For example,
• Cooks faster than other conventional methods
• Saves energy
• Sealed vessel which works especially on steam and the trapped steam increases internal pressure
• Used for quick stimulation
• Cooks any kind of food that is cooked in steam or water like liquids
When pressure cooker was launched, people had bought it but most of them were afraid of using it. Let me tell you what made them freak out. While cooking as it uses the internal pressure with the help of steam to cook the food so it when the pressure is high it slowly releases the pressure through the nozzle. And the sound, when it is heard for the first time is really scary. But then it has become easy, people liked it more than ever. Cooking has become easy and just. Though the first generation of a pressure cooker was very simple but then with the passage of time it improved and improved. There are several new features which were added later. Those who used to make delicious cooking, they again bought those new versions as it were hugely helping them to cook easily. With the each generation, a survey has been made to take the views and demands of the people to make it much better. Those mass reviews really helped the companies to bring new versions with extra features to attract the mass.

New generations of the pressure cooker are like a cherry on the cake to the homemakers.

The first generation had a fixed size and it was impossible to cook for a large number of people. Even if you need to cook for only two persons, you won’t use the largest size to cook. So size was a demand. So then, later on, they were on the market of several sizes and people could buy them with their need. If in the family you have fewer people, you can buy the smallest one and if you have a huge one, you will go for the largest.

Time Saver:
People nowadays are so busy that it has become really tough to manage home and office. Living between this busy schedule long terms cooking process can hardly be imaginable. In that case, either you have to eat container food or have to starve. Starve? Seriously? Is that even possible when you have ingredients in front of you but no time? Never! Exactly, that’s why this method reached people so hugely. They can always cook for the last minute cooking and also to preserve. Sometimes it happens that we forget to cook remaining in the busy schedule. Then, there is no need to worry. A pressure cooker is always there to save you from humiliation as it cooks that fast and at a time it can prepare more than one dishes. Isn’t it luscious??

Easy to use:
With the time, the features have been upgraded so much that it has become easier to use. Earlier it was not multifunctional, but now it is. It was used to prepare food, keeping the pot on direct fire but now battery operated pressure cooker is also available which doesn’t need fire or electricity. There is also an electric pressure cooker which helps to cook. The difference between the earlier version and later version is that it eases the pain. Battery operated cookers and electric pressure cookers have timer to set to cook food. It is again the smart and stylish process of cooking. If you have a party at home, then you don’t need to work all day standing beside the stove or fire neither you need to waste your dress or look. All you need to have some preparation before cooking and set the timer mode on. That’s it. Now you don’t have to miss the get-together gossip just to check food. So you make it your choice of cooking because a perfect cooker definitely contributes to the hygiene of your kitchen.

Affordable and Safe:
Pressure cookers are affordable kitchen appliance at present. One can get it within budget. Earlier it was a bit expensive but now keeping the demand of the mass, the companies brought the products in the market at affordable prices. If the old days were considered, there were profound fear while using cooker because of the pressure valve explosion and if you were not aware of using it , then it was a risky task. But now, things are easy and safe. They are not complicated anymore. People accepted it amazingly and using it that way. However, now technology has become so advanced that before they produce a product, they think about the safety issues.

Though there are eye-catching facilities of this type of cooking method yet there are some disadvantages. As we know nothing is an unmixed blessing. There are some facts that may bother you like-
• It needs a correct measurement of water as it works on steam
• If you keep it for a long time unused, then the gasket along with other rubber or silicon parts might not work and you need to place them
• There are some recipes which need a visual inspection, in that case, food process gets halt and it takes the time to cook.
• One needs to know the exact time to prepare a certain kind of dish.

Even though it has some problematic facts, it is still popular in case of last hour cooking. People still love this method of cooking. Though there are thousands of kitchen appliances nowadays to lessen our pain, yet pressure cooker is one of the oldest and smart kitchen appliances ever. It saves your time and energy. Now delicious meal will be on your dining every day without leaving your kitchen messy. Prepare, cook, preserves and eat. As simple as that!



Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is one of the best pressure cooker in Amazon. It is popular to all consumers because of its healthy, flavorful meals, fast and easy. By using this pressure cooker, you can cook your food more than 3 to 10 times faster. If you are busy with your daily work other than cocking and want to finish your cocking with short time you should use this blender. You will find this amazing blender because it includes a special rack for cooking several foods at a time with no intermingling of flavors.


– Its internal pressure regulator maintains the proper cooking pressure automatically.
– It includes 64-page instruction/ recipe book by which you will get the instruction for different cooking process.
– This pressure cooker is ideal for use on regular, smooth-top and induction range.
– Dishwasher is safe for easy cleaning.
– When there is pressure inside the cooker, cover lock indicator shows it. Besides cover lock indicator prevents the cover from being opened till the pressure is not safely decreased.
– Easy handling.
– Helps tenderize economical cuts of meat.
– Fast cock of chicken, fish, meat and vegetables.
– Warranty: Extended 12 years limited warranty.

PRICE: $137

Top customer reviews: One of its verified customer said about this product that “I’ve bought this presto 01362 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker and have been using it for about a year. Use it almost everyday. No problem with lose handles, rusty screws and blown out safety valves.”

If you want a pressure cooker that is the most durable and want to use this product a long time without any tension, you will obviously buy this product. Its warranty will make you tension free in time of using this product. Its stainless steel body and extraordinary performance make you feel free.



Instant Pot DU080 Multifunction Pressure cooker: You will surely buy, if you read the specifications and benefits of this product. It has some amazing and unique features that will make you 100% satisfied with this product. Above twenty thousand positive reviews will help you to remove hesitation of this product’s quality. Instant Pot is carefully designed to eliminate many common errors that could cause harm or spoil food.


• 7 in 1 Multifunction cooker.
• You can use this product as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, Sauté/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Warmer
• Up to 70 % faster to prepare your product.
• It has 14 auto programmable food making system so that you can easily make your product automatically. This instant Pot DU080 will auto stop and run in time of making soup, meat/stew, Rice, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Sauté/Simmer, Multigrain, Porridge, Steam, keeps worming, slow cook, Yogurt, Manual and pressure cook. You can do the above food as easily as pressing button.
• This instant product has been certified by UL and ULC.
• 3rd generations latest technology has been used to make the product user friendly.
• 21,782 positive reviews from verified customers.
• You can get this product in 3 sizes.
• This amazing pot is made from food grade 304 which keeps your food nutrients and healthy.
• Instant Pot generates almost no noise and leaks no steam
• This product has been designed for both left and right hand users, so that both can use it easily.
• Noise free, easy to clean,
• 1 year warranty.

PRICE: $139.99

This product is perfect for you if you want a Multifunction cooker, which is durable, multi programmable, user friendly. It also helps you to reduce the time of cooking. 100% cooking safety, latest technologies embedded a microprocessor which monitors the pressure and temperature, keeps time and adjusts heating intensity. Affordable price, 20000 positive customer reviews make this product great for the customers.



Cuisinart CPC-600 6 Quart 1000 Watt Electric Pressure Cooker (Stainless Steel): The amazing pressure cooker that has long durability, friendly usages, latest technological features, great warranty time and best quality. Let’s know the benefits and features of this product first.


• Totally Imported
• 6-quart capacity; Cool-touch side handles; Nonstick cooking pot; Dishwasher-safe cooking pot and trivet; Trivet included
• 99-minute time and LED countdown display: 0-40 minutes = 1-minute increments. 40-99 minutes =5-minute increments
• Fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel housing; BPA free
• Push button control for cooking options and programmed settings: Low and High Pressure, Browning, Simmer, Saute and automatic Keep Warm Settings
• Your food will not be overcooked.
• 100 % remain the food quality, food taste and flavor.
• Professional level cooking at home, Easy to clean and keep in safe.
• It is one of the best product of Cuisinart.
• Dimensions: 12.20 x 12.20 x 13.19 -inches
• 3 years WARRANTY

PRICE: $74.00

If you want a pressure cooker which is made with latest technologies, you can buy this product. Cuisinart has some unique features that attract the loyal customers for this product. If you want to cook with your other works at a time and want to clean your pressure cooker easily, this product is perfect for you. Verified customers/users of this product are fully satisfied with this product and give their satisfactory reviews on this product




Instant Pot Pressure cooker DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 is multi-use programmable Pressure cooker which you can make your food items by only setting up some preprogramed system. It works not only as your as your pressure cooker but also as your slow cooker, Rice cooker, steamer, satué. Yogurt maker and warmer. You can say it a jack of all traders. You will really like it when you will start using it. You will find this item in three sizes. So you can buy it according to your need.


• 7 in 1. You can convert your seven kitchen appliances into a kitchen appliance. Because, you can use it as your pressure cooker, slow cooker, Rice cooker, steamer, satué. Yogurt maker and warmer.
• Up to 70% faster to prepare your foods that save your time.
• 14 smart programs. Meat/Stew, Soup, Poultry, Sauté/ Simmer, Bean/Chili, Rice, Multigrain, porridge, Steam, Slow cook, keep warm, Yogurt, Manual, and pressure cook. You can now enjoy the above mentioned dishes by only clicking.
• From food grade 304, healthy, stainless steel inner cooking pod are made.
• To distribute heat, 3 ply bottom has been used.
• It has been built from the 3rd generation technologies.
• This product has been certified from the UL and ULC with ten (10) safety mechanism. It has been designed so as to eliminate many errors.

PRICE: $99.95

1. Stainless steel steam rack with handles
2. Soup spoon
3. Rice paddle
4. Measuring cup
5. Condensation collector and recipe booklet
6. Steamer
7. Sauté,
8. Yogurt Maker and Warmer

About 22000 verified customers have given their positive reviews on this product. So you can easily rely on this product’s quality, performance and other things.




Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker have been the buzz word who is using the pressure cooker. It is very powerful and big pressure cooker. You will find the highest safety of this product because this is the only method which is recommended safe by the US Department of Agriculture for canning vegetables, Poultry, meats, seafood and other food. This is very strong because it has been designed so as not to wrap. People also like this product because of its long time warranty. Its included instruction and recipe book will help you in case of maintaining and cooking different foods.


• The US Department of Agriculture has recommended this product for canning different kinds of food like vegetable, seafood, meats and poultry.
• This is a large capacity pressure cooker. So you can use for your café and restaurant shop.
• It has been specially designed for heating food fast. Presto 01781 is constructed of wrap resistant heavy-gauge aluminum.
• 12 years limited warranty will make you feel free and get rid of tension.
• Product Dimension: 15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches
• Product Weight: 12 pounds
• Manufacturer of Product: PRESTO
• Model of the product: 01781

PRICE: $70.38

Top Customer Reviews: 
Almost all of the verified customers are fully satisfied at time of using this product. One of them has said that” There isn’t much I can say besides that it does just what you expect from a pressure cooker and canner to do. It works, it keeps pressure fine”

No more hesitation. Depending on the recommendation of the US Department of Agriculture and the about 3000 verified customers, you can relay on this product’s quality, performance. So don’t make late. “Buy, Use and Enjoy”.



Pressure Cooker


All American 21-1/2-quart pressure cooker and canner is very popular not only in the America but also in other countries. Its aluminum body ensures it durability. Only the ALL AMERICAN Pressure Canner has an exclusive, precision machined “metal-to-metal” sealing system. If you need a pressure cooker with large capacity and long lasting product, this is exact for you. It is used both for cooking and canning.


– Made from cast aluminum, with sturdy screws to seal the lid to the pot
– Large capacity so that you can cock a large amount of food at a time that will reduce your cooking time.
– There has no need to use extra gaskets or rubber and rings.
– Easy to can fish, meat, vegetables and fruits
– There has 3-setting pressure regulator valve.
– The All American 21-1/2-quart pressure cooker and canner holds approximately 19 standard regular mouth pint jars or 7 standard regular mouth quart jars
– Easy On-Off cover (It has a positive action clamping wing that permits you to open and close easily and quickly)
– 15-3/8 inches high with 12-1/4-inch inside diameter; made in USA.
– Automatic overpressure release.
– Found in six different sizes. So you can easily buy this product with your required size.
– Warranty: 1 year

PRICE: $ 279.99

Price varies on size. You can buy according to your demand of size of this product.


One of the verified customers has said after buying and using this product that “I just did my first test batch in the canner and I’m really happy with it. It’s huge and will allow me to can a ton of produce at a time reducing the effort and tediousness of canning. “

If you are a regular user of pressure cooker which is long lasting, capable to cock and can foods, I will highly recommend you to buy this product. You will surely be satisfied with this product.


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