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The structural classifications of hand blenders

Structurally, there are three types of blenders. Here we go with the short descriptions and the names of them.

1. The 2- speed hand blender:

A two speed hand blender has an 8″ long blending arm which is removable. The arm has an attached blade that is locked with the motor. The blade is S shaped and it is easy to make juices or shakes with 2 speed . The blender also has a handle which is soft gripped and very comfortable to hold. It also comes with a 3 cup- jar in which one can also store the mixed ingredients. The approximate price of these kind of blenders ranges between 50$- 65$.

2. The 3-speed hand blender:

A 3-speed hand blender offers quite the same facilities as the 2-speed hand blender. It also has a8″; long arm with attached blade and a soft gripped handle, but the 3-speed blender has an exception, it offers a whisk with it. As a result one can also whip eggs or other items using this. The price of a 3-speed hand blender ranges between from 70 to85$.

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The 5-speed hand blender:

The most advanced version among the hand blenders is the 5-speed hand blender. The most attractive feature is its ice crushing feature. It has three blades which can function in three different ways. It can function as a mixer, chopper and a
The chopping blades can crush ice finely. The other equipments are same such as the removable arm and the soft grip handle. But a 5-speed hand blender is more expensive as it functions way better than the other types of blenders. The quality of its functions is quite commendable.
According to buyers it is the most comfortable hand blender in nowadays.

Groups of hand blenders:

We can divide hand blenders into 4 groups.
Grouping them in these categories the customers to select the product according to their needs and budget. Information is given below:

1. Cheap hand blenders

– materials are used, simply constructed
– only a beaker
– attachments are provided
– power150-200w
-: 0-2
– button is not available
– blending tasks are performed only
– rate: $20-50
The top most used in this category Cuisinart CSB-76BC Smart Stick Hand Blender.

2. Attachment available stick blenders:

– materials are of high qualitiescompact design
– like choppers, whiskers, blending jar along with a beaker available.
– power: 200-550w
– as a great multipurpose kitchen gadget
– rate: $50-100
The most rated model in this category is Epica 4 in 1 Immersion Hand Blender
Another one is Kitchen Aid KHB2351CU
3-speed hand blender

3. Battery operated cordless blender

materials are of top qualities
-Top, practical and comfortable design
bit heavier than corded blenders as it has a battery
be operated approximately 20 mins after a full charge
in handling
a charger
Recommended model is Cuisinart CSB-300 Variable Speed Cordless Rechargeable Smart Stick Blender with Electric Knife.

4. Heavy duty commercial blenders:

quality materials are used
-Shaft length 15-21″
grip with another handle for better comfort
rate: 300-1000 $ or more
Recommended model is Waring (WSB50) Heavy Duty Big Stix Immersion Blender, available in 5 different dimensions.


-Easy to use: as a hand blender is basically a stick blender it is very easy to maintain, carry and use.
-No limitations in efficiency: There is no limitation in efficiency as we can blend in any sized container.
-Affordable rates: most of the models offer an affordable price rate. One can easily afford it.
-: it can do multi tasking such as chopping, blending, and mixing and so on. It can perform multi jobs


-It can’t be effectively used in chopping
can’t function well on stiff foods, thick lumps
-Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle.
Many often it spills food.
-Cordless blenders are felt heavier due to the battery

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